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How to Earn Free Recharge on PayBox.

Why PayBox?

PayBox is India's largest innovative & exclusive gratification platform with close to 1 million registered users. PayBox helps user earn free recharge by playing games, participating in paid polls, 5KaDum, Login Challenge, Refer & Earn, free recharge offers and much more. We are making time spent on PayBox more rewarding by giving unlimited free mobile recharge to over a million happy users.

When your mobile recharge balance is running low, PayBox becomes your instant free recharge buddy. PayBox gives users an option to transfer their wallet amount to PayTM or Mobikwik wallet that gives them flexibility to spend free recharge amount. At PayBox website we share latest recharge offers, recharge tricks, cashback offers, promo codes, discount coupons to help users earn talktime as well save on online recharges. Our team works continuously to bring you the most recent & valid free recharge offers and free recharge tricks.

Joining Bonus

PayBox sign-up process is really fast & easy to get started. You get Rs.100 free PayTM cash as a joining bonus. Once the process is complete Rs.100 free recharge amount is added to PayBox wallet. Please note that Rs.20 is unlocked instantly and remaining amount keeps getting unlocked as you earn free recharge. Users can place first redemption request when unlocked wallet amount reaches Rs.50. PayBox empower users to save on online recharges by giving out free recharge that can be redeemed to PayTM or Mobikwik.

Free Recharge Vouchers

All the registered users earn free recharge through free recharge vouchers send to their registered email id. Users need to ensure they register on PayBox using their email id that they frequently access, so that they don’t miss out on free recharge vouchers. To earn talktime users need to open and click on free recharge vouchers sent to their registered email id. This is an easy and instant way to earn talktime that’s get added to the wallet. There is no limit on how much users can earn through these recharge vouchers.

Refer & Earn

PayBox gives Rs.5 free recharge as referral bonus for inviting friends and if more than 10 friends join than user gets additional Rs.50 free PayTM cash. Please note free recharge amount gets added to wallet only after your friend verifies email id and mobile number. You can earn talktime every month by inviting your friends on WhatsApp, Share it on Facebook wall or sending an invite to your Gmail contacts. Users are earning unlimited free recharge by just inviting their friends. There is no limit on referrals, you can invite as many friends as you want. More the merrier.

Paid Polls

Paid polls are published on PayBox every day. You need to be a registered member of PayBox to cast your vote. Each poll is live for 7 days to cast a vote. If your vote is the most popular choice, then 25paise of free recharge is added to your PayBox wallet. More you participate more free recharge you earn that can be redeemed to Mobikwik or PayTM wallet. All you need to do is spend couple of minutes on PayBox to enjoy free recharge everyday. While you earn free recharge on PayBox by participating in paid polls, you can earn talktime by sharing a poll. If your poll is approved by our editorial team then you get Rs.5 free recharge that can be redeemed to Mobikwik or Free PayTM cash. Here are the guidelines to ensure your poll is approved to get free recharge.

  • Poll should be based on opinion not facts
  • Similar poll has not been published before
  • Poll should have an engaging content

We suggest you to review our live and past polls to get a better understanding about the poll content and topics that you should choose. Please note you need to be a registered user of PayBox to add a poll.

Free Recharge Offers

Apart from helping users earn free recharge on PayBox, we also share free recharge tricks & free recharge offers on other websites and apps. Our team works continuously to bring out latest free recharge tricks related to mobile recharges, so you can save on online recharge. We try our best to share the most recent free recharge tricks & free recharge offers so you can earn talktime on daily basis. Sign-up with PayBox so that you don’t miss any offer and receive free recharge offers delivered straight to your inbox.

Login Challenge

PayBox has a unique loyalty program for its users, where we give Rs.100 free PayTM cash to users who login for continuous 100 days without a break. We have many things activities for users to spend couple of minutes on the website that can help in earning free recharge everyday. So if you have still not logging on the site everyday, then start your 100 days login challenge today and enjoy Rs.100 free PayTM cash.


PayBox games is another interesting way of earning free recharge everyday. Users can play games to earn talktime instead of earning virtual currency like other gaming websites and apps. Whenever you win a game, a free recharge is added to PayBox wallet that can be redeemed to get Mobikwik cash or free PayTM cash that gives a flexibility to spend. So sign-up now on PayBox if you want to enjoy free PayTM cash.


We publish 5 trends daily where user have to guess the percentage. For every right guess, user is rewarded with Rs.5 free recharge. Users can participate in all the trends everyday. It takes less than a minute to lock your guess. We also allow users to change their guess before the trend is closed. The percentage that gets maximum number of guesses if selected as a winning percentage and all the users who have locked that number gets Rs.5 PayTM cash. So register now to earn free recharge.

Paid Activities

PayBox works with lot of direct advertisers and help them in promoting their products, services, website or apps. You can earn talktime and get free recharge for these activities like installing mobile apps, register on the website or app, enquire about a product or service, take part in a survey, browse website, like Facebook page, follow Twitter page, write a review etc. We pay users free recharge only once for each activity not for repeated activity. To participate in any of these activities you need to be a registered user of PayBox.