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November 03, 2020

Making money can now be too much fun when you can take advantage of online gaming platforms, without installing a games app on your smartphone. If you love gaming online and have experience in playing competitive online games, then you can consider playing and getting paid to do what you like doing.  Quick Info PayBox is the first and most popular free web-based gaming platform on the internet. It offers online game lovers a chance to Earn free talktime or to make free cash while enjoying their favorite games online. On our site, we provide plenty of easy and free online games collection, Trending questions, Polls, Puzzles and many more. You are sure to have great fun and get free money by playing games.   Why do you choose PayBox?    Anytime - Anywhere:  When you play games online, you may play it on your laptop, or your phone, or your tab. To get paid, you don't have to purchase a PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, or any other gaming console on the market. A smartphone with the internet is everything you need.    Games:  PayBox has two types of games for our users. One is Luck Games where the result depends on the user’s luck. And the other category is Arcade Games where users compete with other users to get into the leaderboard to win PayTM cash. Luck games have only 25 attempts every day, but you get unlimited chances to play arcade games to set your best score to get a rank in the leaderboard.  Explore the below-mentioned games that you can play in return for real cash:   Road Racer Road Racer is a sports car driving game, where you will get a challenging and enjoyable real-life experience by controlling your car. It is designed to give you an enjoyable time racing through your car. Any player can play it absolutely free of cost. Here, you just have to down your car on the highway and drive it in between the lanes, avoiding other traffic.  Stick Monkey Stick Monkey, a mysterious entertaining game where a monkey went on an adventurous trip. There are no proper roads to walk. The monkey has a magic stick to overcome the gaps between the wooden beams.  Rise up Rise up is the most challenging and fun game. Here you need to climb stairs to reach the highest height. Jump one by one on platforms, and be aware of the traps. The game will be harder after level up. If you fall down you will lose the game. It is the perfect opportunity to get yourself motivated to move more, sit less, and feel a little fitter each day.  Poll:  There are fresh Polls released regularly. Each poll has a winning pool of Rs.3000 which is divided between the users who choose the winning option.   Trends:  We provide trending questions on our site. Users need to estimate a percentage there. Eventually, the number that gets most guesses is declared as a winning choice. Users can earn up to 40 Rs daily from trends.  Win Real money:  PayBox is the best place where you enjoy your online time so Play and win real money as well. Even though you're waiting and sitting for your appointment trying to pass the time, you can play games and earn money online to fatten your pockets. For every registration we give 50 Rs as a joining bonus.   Instant PayTm cash:  PayBox gives instant PayTm cash to its users for every winning. In the case of games, each game has a leaderboard of the top 1500 users with the highest scores. The higher you rank the more you will be paid.   Easy to Play:  In this platform, you get matched in accordance with your skills. This offers you a better chance of winning the games. Every game has its own way to play. Instructions are given for each game. So before you play any game, follow the rules, and win real money.   Contest:  PayBox runs numerous contests in every section to get more enthusiasm for the users. These deals often give users the chance to earn free talktime along with regular Earn Free PayTM Cash.  Stop wasting your time and sign up on PayBox to grab the opportunity of getting free cash. We aim to add more exciting games to our range on an ongoing basis, so your level of enjoyment and earning will still be high. If you are smart enough, you can fall in love with these money-making games as it gives you real rewards.

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